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Metal Finishing Technologies (MFT) is a 72,000 square foot metal finishing company located in central Connecticut. We are one of the largest plating and finishing shops in the Northeast with 9 plating lines, a FAA repair station, metals and coating stripping area. We pride ourselves on high quality with short turnaround times. Our services offered include cadmium, copper, electrolytic and electroless nickel, tin, zinc, chromating, metal stripping, as well as passivation and electropolishing.
In addition we have three on staff Chemists and 7 full time Quality Control Personnel. This insures us of consistent chemical integrity and finished products.
Although we specialize in large volume production with our 48? barrel lines, we can also handle lesser volumes on our small lot plating lines.


MFT's 72,000 square foot building was built and designed specifically for the sole purpose of metal finishing needs and handling.

Our site meets and surpasses both state and federal environmental laws.

Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc is the largest plating shop in the Northeast with a 72 thousand square foot facility and FAA repair station.


Our State-of-the-art waste treatment systems meet or exceeds every applicable local, state and federal regulation. Our system not only meets today's standards but will allow us to continue to grow and operate well into the future.

At MFT, we take our environmental responsibilities very serious, not only to protect our business but, to ensure a healthy community where we work  and live.

Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc. has been an environmentally conscious and sustainable metal finishing company for 70 years.


MFT's efficient layout and experienced staff have the art of shipping & receiving, sorting, inspection and ship to stock down to a fine science. 

Let your emergency become our priority.

Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc has large parts storage, staging and an outbound Quality Control (QC) inspection areas.


As a large volume plater, MFT is set up and designed to run high volume captive jobs.

For instance, MFT produces over one million highly critical parts per day for a global OEM partner that we have been servicing for over 25 years.

Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc specializes in Barrel zinc plating, high production and large volume zinc plating, chloride zinc plating and ASTM B633.


Our shipping room is equipped with large, three bay, covered shipping docks so your parts are always protected. The shipping and receiving bays can handle everything from a small box trucks to a full size eighteen wheeler. Our chemical shipping and receiving area is in a separate area of the building with it?s own dock. This safeguards against chemicals and parts being in the same shipping area. Also it makes sure that the properly trained staff are handling our chemistries separate from out customers goods.

With three trucks on the road daily making multiple runs we can pick up and return your parts quickly to your facility.

Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc. has indoor truck bays protect parts from weather, provide a safe load and unload area and are climate controlled.