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Parts with Zinc plating:  Bright, ASTM B 633, Barrel, Rack and Chromate.
Metal Finishing TechnologiesMetal finishing, plating and removal services
Metal Finishing Technologies Team

Metal Finishing Technologies, LLC is a nationally recognized source of diversified metal finishing and surface preparation as well as a certified FAA repair station servicing the Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Medical, Commercial and Electrical industries since 1947.

Metal Parts Finishing and Plating

We offer cadmium, copper, electrolytic and electroless nickel, tin and zinc plating as well as passivation, electropolishing and FAA Repair.

The Best Metal Finishing and Plating

With MFT's best in class personnel, processes, chemicals, environmental systems, equipment and turn around, we offer our partners a reliable source for metal finishing services.  Our coatings removal, stripping chemistries and debrazing processes are in full compliance with FAA, EASA, AS9100 and ISO 9001 standards.

Metal Finishing and Plating Centeral Connecticut, United States

MFT is located in central Connecticut and services not only the Eastern Tri-state area but also ships parts throughout the United States and overseas.  With our nearest client in our backyard and our farthest in Japan, there is no distance too far.